When you look at any world-class performer, in any endeavor, you see they have a coach. That person offers experience, support, honesty and the ability to step back and see what's actually going on. Of course you have outstanding ability. Coaching takes you to the next level.
Presentation Coaching The number one fear in list after list is the fear of speaking to groups. Yet that skill by itself will do more to advance your ideas and career than any other. You can get better and feel more natural in front of the room. This course works. More Details
Executive Coaching Executives have a difficult job. They have to lead others, remain optimistic, figure out insoluble problems, all while being exactly as human as those they are leading. Dealing with uncertainty, strategic planning, death of co-workers and loss of resources can be exhausting. Who do you turn to for advice and support within your company? If you have someone, that's great. If not, try coaching. If I'm not a good fit, I can recommend others who will be. More Details