Executive Coaching

Philosophy: When you think of the best sports coaches you’ve had, you’ll probably remember a couple of things. First, they knew you well enough to know when you were doing your best, and second, they told you the truth no matter what. A senior executive doesn’t need one more person agreeing with them. They need someone to tell them the truth, not in a cruel way, but in a way they can hear and use. They need to know when they’re rationalizing bad behavior and when they’re missing opportunities out of laziness or fear. The best practitioner of any profession has a coach. That’s why they’re the best.

Approach: Telephone coaching works well, as long we can have one early meeting in person. After that we’ll meet about once a month in person and then as often as once a week on the phone. In our first meeting we’ll create a contract of our responsibilities and detail those things you are committed to work on. A minimum commitment of three months is essential if we’re going to make any progress. The average commitment is one year, although I’m still working with many of my clients years later. Contact me for a free one-hour consultation to see if my style suits you.

Outcome: You’ll clarify what you want and create action steps to get there. Most people know precisely what they don’t want, but to reach your goals you need to know what they are. We’ll work on areas where you are already good and make you great, and work on areas where you are already great and make you world-class.