Education is more than just introducing people to facts and ideas. It must engage the entire person. It should be fun and it should show people things they haven't seen or thought about before. Its ultimate goal is to change outlook and behavior so you have to expect, in a good session, that you will be slightly uncomfortable. If you are completely comfortable then you are learning nothing new. If you are too uncomfortable then you can't learn anything new. The real art is to find the right level of discomfort to take people where they need to go.
Leadership is the art of attracting followers toward a goal. So you have to ask yourself, if you want to be a leader, 'Why should anyone follow me?" "Why would I follow me?" If you can't answer that, neither can potential followers. This course will change that. More Details
Negotiation is not the battle of wills that is often feared and avoided. It's an opportunity to look for win-win situations, collaboration and cooperation. When is the last time you saw the "loser" of a negotiation do their best to uphold the agreement? More Details
Team Building involves deciding if a team is needed for the task, making sure the right people are on the team, then helping them work together to accomplish the task. This works best when action-focused. More Details