Leadership Program

Philosophy: In any group of 10 people there should be 10 leaders. Not 10 people shoving for position, but 10 who have the needs of the group uppermost in their minds and who gracefully accept and then relinquish the responsibility of leading. I don’t believe any program, no matter how good or how long, fundamentally changes anyone. But I also don’t believe most people need changing. They do need more than intellectual reminders of management techniques. The decision to follow someone is an emotional one. A leadership program needs to connect with emotions at the same time it offers conscious tools to do the work better. Working together for the good of the group is our natural state. To successfully lead others and ourselves we need to rediscover our courage, our passion and our reason for being.

Approach: Starting with a three-and-a-half-day off site, this program is followed by additional individual and team coaching, education and skill building in communication, negotiation and conflict resolution. Each program holds 24 people. For best results we recommend as many people as possible in the organization attend. This is a powerful program. Don’t even start it unless you want real change appearing from all parts of the organization.

Outcome: People come out of this program with a renewed sense of energy and urgency. They have a greater understanding of what they want to accomplish and an appreciation of why others act the way they do. They have greater skill in listening and learning as well as teaching. For many it is a life-changing experience.