Team Building

Philosophy: A genuine team is a group of people who depend on each other to accomplish their tasks. A collection of people who happen to work in the same company can never be a team unless they need each other to succeed. We can always improve understanding in a group, but real magic comes from team members who understand they need other.

Approach: Since teams have real work to do, that’s what we spend our team-building time doing. By going to work on the problems they face every day, we clearly see the issues in the work and in the dynamics of the group. We examine how the group works together, where the strengths and weaknesses are, what goals we are trying to achieve and how we’re going to achieve them. We move back and forth quickly between what we are doing and how we are doing it, examining issues as mundane as meeting management and as complex as personality clashes.

Outcome: In an average two-day session, we see a real product from our time working together. No one feels they’ve spent two days away from the work. We have accomplished tasks the team would have to do anyway, and we’ve increased our understanding of how we can best work together. In addition the group learns a process they can use to continuously improve.