Red Tag--Do I Keep it or Get Rid of it?

When you are doing a 5s project either at work or at home it’s usually clear when something is needed or not. But sometimes you have a problem. When the you think the item is used but are not sure or when you think someone else uses the item but are not sure, you need a method somewhere between tossing the item and putting it back on the shelf. That’s the Red Tag.

They can be any color, but they are put on questionable items so that people who do have a need can write on the tag that they use this item and how often they use it. All items with a Red Tag go in a common area so people have an opportunity to keep essential items. After a given period, usually 30 to 90 days, if nothing is written on the tag, the item is returned to supply, sent to another area that can use it, donated or trashed.