What is Good Leadership?

The simple definition of a leader is someone who has willing followers. The simple test of whether or not a leader is effective is to ask two questions. 1. Is the work getting done? 2. What is the condition of the followers?

The first question is important because there are some charismatic people who look good in the chair but aren’t getting to where they need to go. If they can’t get the work done, then they aren’t leading effectively. There are others who don’t stand out and maybe even don’t occupy the chair who keep getting astonishing results.

The second question answers whether or not the people are ready for their next challenge. They may be tired, frustrated or any number of things depending on what they’ve just gone through, but if they are capable of taking on a new challenge then all is well. Also it’s important to note that the followers might be in great shape because the work isn’t getting done. They aren’t stretching enough to get to the difficult goals so they feel just fine.

If the work is getting done and the followers are in good condition then the leader is doing a good job. No need for a complicated chart of characteristics. Leaders get this work done in a variety of ways.